Moshpit 2015’s People’s Edition Promo is out

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Today we’ve released the Moshpit 2015’s People Edition Promo!

This promo includes some of the people who are working to make this concert happen, as well as others who have been long time patrons of previous editions of Moshpit.

Watch them share their experiences and recall moments that have made Moshpit so special over the years

This is the People’s Edition Video promo for MOSHPIT 2015 (ROCK SHOW IN AHMEDABAD)! Featuring:Nisarg Mankad,…

Posted by Metalabad on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Moshpit 2015 is the 4th edition of our flagship concert that we’ve been organizing since 2009 and is happening on the 25th of April, 2015 at L&P Hutheesing Centre, CEPT University, Opp. Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

Visiting Bands featured include the Legendary Sceptre from Mumbai, Atmosfear also from Mumbai, Final Surrender from Bangalore and Passages from New Delhi.

Local bands include Blitzkrieg and Aeon of Darkness from Baroda as well as Contravene from Ahmedabad. Another band is expected to be added to the lineup, this band is being decided through a Facebook poll on the Moshpit Event page as we speak!

People's edition promo

VIDEO: Reason to Die (Live) by Flood of Mutiny, Vadodara

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Flood of Mutiny, the Heavy Metal band from Vadodara shared a video today of them performing their original “Reason to Die” at Kamatibaugh Amphi Theatre, Vadodara. The show was called “Plug in” and was held on 22nd June 2014, organised by the members of the band amongst others.

An awesome live performance, the band can be seen brimming with energy making the crowd around them headbang away!


The song “Reason to Die” is a part of Flood of Mutiny’s soon to be released EP “Declamation”.

Flood of Mutiny from Baroda performing live.

Flood of Mutiny from Baroda performing live.

To listen to more music by Flood of Mutiny, please check them out using the links below:


Announcing, the Metalabad Hall of Fame

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I remember.

I remember, a time when I used to be a young teenager growing up in Ahmedabad. I also remember, watching people who were incredible musicians, right here in my own city, play at college gigs, festivals, private shows and whatever else they could get their hands on, people who were my inspirations for being not just a musician, but more importantly, a music lover.

I’m pretty sure all of us have seen these guys, all over Gujarat. These musicians are the people who have actually made the scene what it is today. They have inspired us and countless others into listening to Rock music and have also shown us how to play it, how to experience it and most importantly, how to enjoy it.

These people, have been the ones who have made it possible for us to imagine holding a guitar and to play it on stage some day. Sure you could watch a video online of a famous band belt out their best songs, but having real life inspirations like these people is what made the dream seem all the more accessible and within our collective grasps.

These legends, of the Gujarat Rock scene are people who we at Metalabad have decided to commemorate the achievements of, come 24th April 2015. Without further ado, we bring to you, the Metalabad Hall of Fame.




At the Metalabad Hall of Fame, we will be inducting 6 people from the Gujarat Rock and Metal scene every year who we know of as inspirations unparalleled to any other. These are the folks who showed us the way and who were there when we needed them for any help, support or guidance whatsoever.

To honor the achievements of these men and women and to thank them for all their contributions to the scene, we have organized a very special Metalabad Hall of Fame Ceremony on the 24th of April, one day before Moshpit 2015. Where we will be having an evening full of music, a celebration of the lives and journeys as musicians of these icons of the Gujarat Rock scene.

The inductees will be honored in a ceremony and a small glimpse into their lives will be shown via a projector for the audience to see. They will be inducted in the Metalabad Hall of Fame by fellow musicians and will be sharing some words of their own as well. Their names and biographies shall then be enshrined on a separate section on our website carrying details of their lives, musical achievements and much more.

It will truly be an amazing, mesmerizing evening for all musicians and patrons of the Gujarat Rock scene to be a part of. We will also be hosting dinner for all our guests!

We will be revealing more details as well as the names of the inductees on the Metalabad Facebook Page, please check it for updates!



Vikas Dharamsattu is the best Metal guitarist you’ve never heard of

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With several guitarists making the claim of being the “Best” Metal guitarist in India, I decided to introduce the readers of Metalabad to a man known as Vikas Dharamsattu, who is not only one of the craziest guitarists I’ve ever come across, but he’s easily one of the best if not the best in India.

Not too many know about him, since his band has been inactive for a while (although they’ve recently started accepting gigs again) and also because he’s from a generation that didn’t promote itself on Social Media as much as people do these days.

Now I know this isn’t a guitar war or competition (and I honestly prefer it that way) or some sort of a one-upmanship contest, but I still felt like there aren’t enough people that know of this master of the axe and therefore felt the need to share.


Vikas with his guitars!

Vikas plays for the Legendary Delhi band “Acrid Semblance” who are known for their brand of Melodic Death Metal. Acrid is, personally, one of my most favorite bands in India (top 3) and they’re really, really good at what they do. Vikas being no exception.

So without further ado, here’s a video of Vikas Dharamsattu absolutely KILLING it on the axe for his song “Vigilante Justice” off of his solo project ADIKARA. This playthrough is insane. Check it out!

Here’s Vikas’s Youtube channel with 50+ videos of him playing the guitar, covering songs and of the playthrough of his original compositions:

Acrid Semblance’s Facebook Page

Vikas’s Facebook Page

When Ahmedabad Rocked, Moshpit 2009!

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So recently, a lot of people I know on Facebook started using the hashtag #WhenBombayRocked, it was heartwarming to read about the different experiences and memories that the people of Bombay have had with respect to their Rock/Metal scene. I too, thought I’d pen a few of my own memories down, memories of the Ahmedabad Metal scene and how we’ve made it through all these years.

I remember, a time when the “Metal Scene” of Ahmedabad comprised of a few individuals who would get together at this one Tea shop near my house at Drive in Road, the tea shop was referred to as “Mela Kitli” and I suppose people started meeting up there instead of the infamous Rambhai Tea shop at IIM because of conflicting factions or whatever.


Moshpit 2009’s Poster!

So anyhow, this was where we used to meet. I remember it like it was yesterday, so many people used to be actively involved in “discussing” Metal back then! It was almost like a constant war of up-manship (all in good fun, of course), Orkut used to be pretty big and the “Ahmedabad Rock Lovers” community (with Anubhav Srivastav as it’s administrator and Vinny Kaul as it’s moderator) was the one place we could all call home.

Quite a few Rock concerts used to happen which we were all a part of in some capacity, until we decided to organize the first Moshpit in 2009. It took quite a bit of collective effort, money and resources but we did pull it off in style. Most of us were really annoyed by the event organizers of Ahmedabad for not allowing Metal bands and this was our way of celebrating the genre we all loved.  We were so irritated by “Rock concerts” in fact, that the Event page read something like this:

Okay first of all, I’d like to make one thing very clear, Moshpit is going to be the most pathetic Rock show ever because there’s no “Rock” music in it so to speak, we can guarantee you the best Metal show this city has ever seen though.

The gig in itself was amazing and still remains, to date, my most favorite concert of all time. We drew a huge crowd, with 500 people showing up to bang their heads off to Heavy Metal! Everything about this concert was rebellious, right from the pass design, which was a photoshopped version of the 50-rupee note (With Mahatma Gandhi swapped for Satan) which several printers refused to print to the fact that we actually had threats to beat people for hooliganism in the “Rules” section of the concert. The 50 Rupee pass rate was cheap and we kept it that way to make sure that we had the maximum number of people attending.


The infamous Moshpit pass!

We were all just kids, but we certainly were rebels at heart, the concert had it’s fair share of controversies and attempts of sabotage since we did have quite a few enemies. But in the end, it all turned out to be great. We had The Aura Stealers from Surat who played an amazing Metallica tribute to begin the show, Baba (Neerav Gupta) brought his band of Groove Metallers “Scaremonger” from Jaipur to play next and the headliners Decayed Souls played a haunting set to end the show! We also had my band Decimation play a sheepish set which wasn’t longer than three songs and of course, Wildfire played a couple of Thrash songs afterwards.

A mix of Heavy, Groove, Death and Thrash Metal, the show was hosted by the legendary RJ (Ritwik Joshi) of Fade from Baroda, it truly was and shall always remain a coming-together of the entire Metal scene of Gujarat, and I cannot recall any concert since then that achieved what Moshpit 2009 did. We felt strong as Brothers of Metal, we felt one. Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar all came together to make Moshpit 2009 happen. It was the beginning of something amazing, it was the beginning of Metalabad’s concerts, of us taking it upon ourselves to help the Gujarat Metal Scene achieve it’s identity in the national scene.

Will always cherish that gig, and that ladies and gentlemen, was when Ahmedabad Rocked :)

I’ll sign off now, please leave your comments below!