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Continuing from my previous article, the stage was set. Me and Prasanna were told to be at the entrance to the venue which was at the end of this 150 meters long tunnelish caving (Right beside the actual Sardar Patel stadium) that connected the venue to the entry. We were supposed to have people fill their lucky draw forms, the lucky people were to win an Acoustic and an Electric guitar respectively which was sponsored by Heavens Music.

So we sat there, waited for the people to come, and the people showed up, in large numbers. We had a pretty decent turnout at the event and the people were all set to Rock and Roll! We were still at the entrance when October started playing, however, leaving Prasanna there I had to rush inside to help Manefus with the EPs.


When I went in, October was playing, and having told Shaswat earlier that we didn’t have high expectations from the band (bad recording quality OCs) I was blown away. Like take a high speed cooler and put a dry leaf in front of it. I was THAT blown away by the performance those people were putting up right there. The crowd had started headbanging already, and the band was tight! There were some minor sound problems in the first couple of songs, but the rest of the band’s setlist went just fine.

The sync of the band members with each other was really awesome, and they were one hell of a stage act, headbanging and enjoying the sound they were producing, they got the crowd going, and going good! The bassist had to depart by 8:10 though and therefore they couldn’t play a lot of their setlist, but whatever they played, they kicked ass. An awesome band all in all.


Then came one of my favorites, Manefus. They played all their OCs that were out on the EP as well as some new songs to deviate from their old songs and setlist. Amit, as usual, always gets the crowd to enjoy the show with his stage acts and antics. This time it was not just the water but also an EP contest. He threw an EP at the people and the person who caught it got to keep it. The crowd had fun.

Manefus also played one of my personal favorite RATM songs Guerrilla Radio. I can’t believe the intensity I enjoyed that song with. They played it exactly as RATM would have played it, and it was awesome. By this time, one of the parts of the barricade, right where some children were standing, had come off, and when barricades come off during a rock Show, it usually spells out disaster, I tried fixing it, to little avail as the thing wouldn’t fit properly, we let Manefus finish their act to fix it peacefully later.

Manefus played a couple more songs and then they were done, however they didn’t forget to plug their EP once again and seeing as how I was their seller guy, I know they sold quite a lot of them. It was fun seeing Manefus, I personally like them a lot, but keep this in mind people, if you are a part of the organising team. Do not expect to enjoy the show.

After Manefus was done, I told Prasanna to sell the EPs while I got Ravi to help me with the Barricade Railing, Ravi wasn’t willing, so I went to fix it with my friend Pyro (or affectionately referred to as Paro). He was a huge help and we locked the barricades in place. But this was going to turn out to be a weak resistance to the upcoming ambush anyway.


Since we knew that Rampazze was going to cover AC/DC and Judas Priest, and Judas Priest is my favorite band of all time, I redsc00022ally didn’t want to let go of the opportunity. Luckily enough my good friend and crew member Malav came to my rescue and took over the responsibility of selling the Manefus EPs while I went to the front row to headbang to the tunes I had been looking forward to.

Little did I know, destiny had other plans, after the first song, I believe the second song was by AC/DC, and havin some AC/DC crazed addicts in our scene, we knew something was going to screw up at the last moment and it did.

Amidst the headbanging and moshing that had started, some people started violently shaking the barricades, and as a result of the adrenalin that came through, Paro jumped off and helped ambush the very barricades he had helped me fix, and Poser (Marcha) who never leaves such an opportunity go was more than willing to accompany him, in the heat of the moment, the crowd was into it as well and leaped. Some people took the ordeal too far and started applying strength to uproot the barricades (as if they would have succeeded). We had to take some people aside 😉

After being told by Vinny to retreat, the crowd went back and the Barricades were locked in place again, in order to prevent such things from happening again Me and Ravi went near the stage and made sure people didn’t break the barricades again. I remembered what Vinny had told me earlier “The organizers are never able to enjoy the show, they have their backs at the action and face the crowd”. It was literally coming true, they were playing Night Prowler by ACDC and I was staring down the front row. Unbelievable, although I did headbang later on and took quite a few pictures. Oh and they didn’t cover Judas anyway.

Rampazze though was quite awesome, the best band of the night even though they faced stiff competition from October. The lead guitarist’s stage acts were amazing and the crowd was going wild. They managed to let it be known that Old school was very much still alive and kicking ass.

Upon them finishing with their original composition Lady Killer, which they made the crowd sing along to, they plugged their EPs. I think I saw them in quite a few hands which means that it was successful. Rampazze signed the EPs, gave out autographs, took pictures with their newfound fans and all in all enjoyed the after-show effects thoroughly. They then went back to their rooms I believe. The crowd said they loved the show, and way too many people told me they were thoroughly impressed. I couldn’t have been happier. The show ended on a good note and gave Ahmedabad one of the best Rock performances the city has ever seen.

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Dushyant Dubey (Bhaijaan) is the founder and editor of Metalabad. He also plays the guitar and lifts weights.

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  1. They didn’t play any Judas Priest numbers. Night Prowler is by AC/DC.

    RATM song is Guerrilla radio (SP?), not Gorilla.

    Just pointing out the typo, make the changes.

  2. Rampazze ruled the night.
    Super kick-arse.

    I still remember,it was the third song of their set list “Whole lotta rossie”,they dedicated the song to me 😀

  3. 😀
    and i was the one who started headbanging and singing the oc’s from the firs row 😀

    PS-Kuch credit humme bhi toh do 😀

  4. Aaahh the barricades! It was us against a dozen kilos of iron… the maiden(any idea who that Miss Little-too-Friendly was???), Dushyant and me.

    Obviously, we failed. The darned fastener-thing just wouldn’t go in. In the end, the chick just promised to hold it together till the end… and i noticed – she did!

    Ey Dush… we’ll make her a crew member next time. Atleast she was more help at the venue than… ehem… SOMEONE!

  5. That would be Anusha, she writes for Metalabad :) Was a great help there.

    But yes, like I said I eventually fixed it with some help from Paro right before Rampazze started. Too bad it came off again.

    Oh, and the “someone” you speak of, lost all the respect I had for him that night.

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